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Подполковник МВД Рязанов из Новороссийска о главе УВД Новороссийска Черноситове и его покровителях

Dear sirs Dimitri Anatolievich and Vladimir Vladimirovich!

My last name is Ryazanov and I’m the police lieutenant colonel and the deputy chief on public security. As for corruption among our police leaders. So I can show the pictures there one can see the chief of Novorossiysk city administrative power Mr. Siniagovsky together with the chief of the city police Mr. Kucheruk and Mr. Kucheruk’s wife,son and brother who now is the officer of the Ukraine’s security service. One more police colonel of Novorossiysk city is mated the company. The same people you can see at the another picture. They are sitting at the wine cellar of the world-known winery Abrau-Durso at the well set dinner table.

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